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Become a volunteer

Help us. Volunteers of “Labirint” accompany victims to crisis centers, hospitals and other places. If you want to help us, please fill in the form.

We are looking for:

— those who are ready to be trained and accompany the victims in various institutions;

— professional photographers, translators and other professionals who are ready to help us;

— those who can help us spread the information and contact crisis centers.

Any suggestions?

If you have other suggestions for us, or if you are having trouble filling in the form, please contact us

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About us and the help we offer


To help women who are in trouble away from home, provide them with all the necessary information and psychological support.


Anna Rivina
Project Leader
Inga Kudracheva
Dariana Gryaznova
Legal coordinator
Anastasiia Zinoveva


We know that you may have many doubts and questions, so we tried to answer the most important ones.
“Labirint” is a team of women who united to help those who are in trouble. The project was invented by Anna Rivina, and the participants live in different countries. In addition to “Labirint”, we are united by the fact that we all speak Russian and want to help women who have experienced violence. We work with a large team of psychologists and volunteers from dozens of different countries — wherever you are, we will try to find help near you.
During the war, everyone needs help and support — women, men, children, and the elderly. But we are sure that in order to act effectively, everyone should do what they know best. In our case, this is helping women. In addition, in the conditions of war, violence against women is increasing, and their voices are quieter.
We are an NGO. Our organization Rivina Foundation was registered in the spring of 2022. It has nothing to do with “” (the Ministry of Justice considers this organization a foreign agent) and other projects of Anna Rivina. The Rivina Foundation is not registered in Russia and has no ties to the Russian Federation.
Effective help must be systemic. We need to support the regular work of psychologists and coordinators, pay for it in a timely manner and plan it. That is what the funds are for. We also support the website and technical processes with the help of donations.